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 It’s time to go to the weekend, after working hard for a week, you should not want to relax. When you click on the search box of the music player, you suddenly find that there is a song on the hot search list that is very overbearing: the wolf disco.  The first time: What is this stuff?  Hey, a little embarrassed... The second time: a little something, come and listen to it... The third time: come to the left, draw a rainbow with me, draw a dragon on your right…Some people seem to be very stable on the surface. The song has been cycled through the ground for hundreds of eighty-eight times. It is really a bit of a head.  The earth is the tide, the seemingly behind the shouting of the wheat, in fact, hiding the northeast steam wave and its predecessors.  So, what exactly is steam wave music?  Today, I will introduce you to this style type, steaming away your fatigue and bad emotions, and getting the correct posture of elegant Judy~

 又到周末,努力了一周你应该忍不住想放松一下吧~当你点开音乐播放器的搜索框,突然发现,热搜榜上有一首歌显得十分霸道:野狼disco。第一遍:这啥玩意?咋有点尬呢...第二遍:有点东西,再来听听看...第三遍:来左边儿 跟我一起画彩虹 在你右边儿 再画个龙......



 Vaporwave is a branch of electronic music that is probably younger than you might think. It was born in the early 2010s and is a complete Internet product.  The steam wave used the emotional music styles of the 1980s and 1990s, such as jazz, rhythm and blues, and lazy people's favorite sofa music, etc., through sampling, twisting, blending and other technical means to sample.Take a look at its cover art, or click on its music video, you will find that this is simply a mess of various elements, dazzling: the old Windows 95 operating system, the old TV set that failed the snow , Showa animated beauty, David sculpture, palm trees, sun and beach, with pink and blue tones, and low-resolution distortion filters... all kinds of weird elements under the collage, but they collided  Wonderful harmony.

 蒸汽波是电子音乐的一个分支流派,比你想象的可能要年轻,它诞生于2010年代初,是一种完完全全的互联网产物。蒸汽波挪用了上世纪80、90年代的情绪音乐风格,如爵士乐、节奏蓝调、和懒人最爱的沙发音乐等等,通过切断、扭曲、混剪等技术手段进行采样。观察一下它的封面艺术,或是点开它的音乐视频,你会发现,这简直是各种元素的大乱炖,令人眼花缭乱:古早的Windows 95操作系统,出故障飘雪花的旧电视机,昭和动画美少女,大卫雕塑,棕榈树、阳光与海滩,搭配粉蓝色调,以及低分辨率的失真滤镜......各种怪异元素在拼贴之下,却碰撞出了奇妙的和谐。


 So where do these derived visual elements come from? In fact, it is related to the development process. The steam wave combines elements such as city pop, jazz, and funk. When it comes to city pop, it is based on Japanese folk songs and songs. It also combines fusion, soul, boogie, disco and other music genres from the West Coast of the United States. Plus the long-lasting rock music, and the New age electronic music mix.City pop, as the name implies, depicts the urban style and the holiday mood of hedonistic culture. Did you suddenly think of it, Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, the era of ecstasy and indulgence. The background of City Pop was born in the Showa era, a capitalist society that was falsely prosperous under the bubble economy. Similarly, steam waves as a subculture sometimes reflect the irony and resistance of youth to consumerism, industrial age and popular culture.

 那么这些衍生的视觉元素来自哪里呢?其实和发展历程有关。蒸汽波融合了city pop、jazz、funk等元素,说到city pop这种音乐,它取材于日本本土民歌和演歌,还结合了fusion、soul、boogie、disco等多种来自美国西海岸的音乐流派,加上生命力持久的摇滚乐,及New age电子乐杂糅而成。City pop,顾名思义,描绘的是都市风情,还有享乐主义文化的度假心情。是不是突然想到,菲茨杰拉德的《了不起的盖茨比》里面,那个灯红酒绿,奢靡而纵情声色的年代呢。City pop的诞生背景正是昭和年代,一个处于泡沫经济下虚假繁荣的资本主义社会。同样的,蒸汽波作为一种亚文化,有时也反映了青年对消费主义、工业时代和流行文化的讽刺与抵抗。


 One of the characteristics of the steam wave is the low-fidelity (Lo-Fi) sound quality, the melody reciprocating, and the dull bass is added.  Just by the ear, you will instantly enter the misty atmosphere, half-dreaming and feeling a little stunned.  Some people describe it as such, "The whole person is soaked in a pink bathhouse and hears the sound of retro dynamic music coming from the next radio." The magical pop mixes the background music of the mall, bringing a sense of vintage and the magic of future technology, both nostalgic and surreal.  In the meantime, you traveled back to the neon alleys of the late 80s, or the streets of Hong Kong in the 1990s, damp, water vapor, flashing lights, and a hint of cyberpunk.The following small series will take you to listen to some representative steam wave works~


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